Pitney Bowes Standard Service Agreement

(10) Delivery. Unless otherwise stated in the order form, our prices include our standard packaging and delivery to you. (M11) Maintenance. Maintenance is a necessary maintenance because (and only to the extent that the aircraft does not meet normal standards for these devices) due to an equipment failure that was not caused by the exterior of the aircraft. 17. ALS Applicability This SLA section applies to you if we have a service provision agreement for all devices we lease, lease or sell to order, with the exception of DI2000 (covered equipment is called “covered equipment”). (22) Variation. This agreement can only be amended by the written agreement of any party executed by an authorized person. (b) We guarantee that all services (“service”) that we provide in accordance with the service level agreement in accordance with Sections 17 to 22 (the “ALS”) will be provided in a professional and professional manner. (PP1) Procedure. Our standard administrative procedures, which apply from time to time to the operation of the telephone mailing system and all Australia Post requirements, must be followed. The services are all the services listed on the order form.

Note: SLA does not include maintenance and support for licensed or subscription software products. Software maintenance and support are described in the Software Maintenance Contract (SMA) for each proprietary licensed software product. Our certified service professionals can also provide: (24) Personal information. We may collect personal data about you and your representatives (especially the person who signs this Contract) (your personal data) as part of our dealings with you. We comply with the Privacy Act 1993 at all times for the handling of personal data, including the principles of confidentiality of information. We collect and use your personal data to provide you with our products and services, including when evaluating a credit application and creating and operating a credit account accordingly and managing our relationship with you. When you provide us with personal data about a third party (including your representatives), you confirm that you have the permission of the person concerned to provide us with their personal data and to authorize us to use their information in accordance with this Agreement. They must inform them of their right of access and request the correction of their personal data listed below.

22. Additional Terms of Service You cannot choose that the service applies to certain equipment, but not to all equipment. The service does not include the necessary services and repairs due to an excluded circumstance. The Service excludes delivery of any changes in the prices of mail and transport as well as consumables. If you replace one of your insured devices during the service life and the replacement device is qualified for the services, PBI will automatically register you for the maintenance coverage of the new device at current PBI annual prices. If you purchase a crop or add a unit to your insured device, PBI offers coverage for each facility or unit that we qualify for ALS coverage and adjusts your rate according to it. If you do not wish to continue the process of covering the replacement device, installation or unit, you can cancel the service of the item within 30 days of the date of your original invoice for the PBI item.