Trade In Services Agreement (Tisa) Negotiations Overview And Issues For Congress

A proposal recently disclosed by Turkey as part of the TISA negotiations calls for a system that encourages reimbursement of insurance (for health insurers) for lower-cost treatment in another country. Discussions are based on the participants` proposals. TiSA aims to open markets and improve rules in areas such as licensing, financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, shipping and professionals who temporarily travel abroad to provide services. Monday, June 23: World Public Services Day. Governments around the world are attacking public services and the workers who help them. In addition, a number of international trade agreements jeopardize the right of governments to provide public services instead of businesses. The Forum, held on 9 December 2014 in Bogota, Colombia, brought together representatives of the Colombian government authorities and civil service unions from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, who shared their experiences in the fight against corruption and the promotion of transparency in the civil service. Discussions officially began in March 2013 and participants agreed on a basic text in September 2013. By the end of 2013, most participants had indicated which service markets they were ready to open and to what extent. On Monday 28 April, members of Swiss trade unions, global trade unions and civil society will lead an international day of action to protest against the trade agreement (TISA). In Geneva, the event takes place in front of the Permanent Representation of Australia (Chemin des Fins 2, 1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland), where negotiations take place in secret. ASD participants regularly inform other WTO members of the status of the negotiations. To influence the TISA negotiations, PSI has developed an exit strategy and a campaign kit.

In November 2016, 21 rounds of negotiations took place. Negotiations are now frozen and should resume if the political context permits. There is no formal deadline for the end of negotiations. Public Services International (PSI), leaders and partners will meet in September 2014 in Washington, D.C. to discuss new threats posed by trade and investment agreements to workers, public services, democracy and our communities. Governments meeting in Geneva this week (16 September 2013) are secretly negotiating a Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). The 48 countries participating in the TISA negotiations appear to be keen to implement the business agenda, which uses trade agreements to engage it in extreme liberalization and deregulation, to ensure higher profits at the expense of workers, farmers, service users and the environment. In a few words: at the expense of people. PSI was chosen to hold a workshop at the annual WTO forum, where we can explain to ambassadors and trade negotiators around the world why TISA is harming quality public services. Other documents relating to the final report and the Commission`s position paper on the various Ecorys recommendations are available on the Trade SIAS website. An independent consultant, Ecorys, conducted a Sustainable Impact Assessment (AIS) for tiSA.