Tricare Participation Agreement

Note: Behavioural Technicians (BTs) are certified and not certified. Do not use the online tool for login information for BTs, as the results may not be correct. Behavioural technicians can see patients on their national or government certification date, as long as the group has a network agreement reached before that date. We recommend that suppliers wait 45 days after filing a service table to file claims. The registration status differs from that of the network. Please refer to your provider`s participation agreement for network status and validity date. (If your group has delegated credentials, contact your group`s registration information service for the contract execution date. If not, contact HNFS if you have any questions. Do not send a single information form provider (PIF) to ABA providers. For more information, please visit our help at the office page. Please allow up to 90 days for processing (45 days for loading certified BT). Existing network providers (excluding ABA providers) can fill out and submit this form to request practical information updates. Follow the instructions on the front page for deposit.

Please allow 21 days for treatment. Fill out all the columns on the calculation board and email them to If you reached this page with a bookmark, this would be a good time to remove it from your browser. To access the service list, click on the link above and save the Excel file locally to your computer. Once you`ve exhausted all the fields, save the file again and send a copy to the email address above. HNFS issues a letter of inquiry to the registration office for each practitioner as soon as the registration process is complete. This tool is used to verify the status of a single institution or provider and not an entire group or clinic. Do not use this tool to confirm the state of the network.

Instead, contact your participation agreement or speak to your practical administrator. Applications that do not have this coverage as the first page of the fax are not processed. Under the terms of the provider`s participation agreement, network providers cannot treat TRICARE patients before the delegate`s HNFS (or licensing committee) approval date. If you are employed by a physician or medical facility, you can: Instead of submitting an individual provider information form, Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) provides a TriCARE Group Roster provider for: ABA Group and individual providers interested in joining the Health Net Federal Services Network, LLC (HNFS) for the TRICARE West contract, must complete this package and forward it to HNFS. Please also add a TRICARE Made to Roster ISP. Please choose the option that better describes your user profile or wait to be redirected to our best new approximate location for your request.