Agreement In Polish

In summary, in comparable texts on publishing contracts, the term Umowa wydawnicza is functionally equivalent to that of a publication contract. Withdrawal is the process of terminating an agreement. It is to destroy the agreement from the beginning. Polish law provides for a number of cases in which the parties can withdraw the agreement. This article discusses the clauses in the Polish and English copyright agreements. The analysis relates to conventional clauses and copyright clauses. It should also be noted that copyright is global in nature. Google Translate is an example of the rapid development of technological devices such as translation tools. The aim of the study is to analyze certain Polish and English clauses from copyright transfer contracts in order to reveal the quality of Google Translate`s translation.

The following research method has been used: If you want to enter into an agreement with a Polish company or enter into different types of contracts in Poland, our lawyers can help you defend your interests for your company. Contact our lawyers in Poland for more information. Benton, L. and K.H. Porter. 2013. The publishing contract. Kindle Edition. The objective of the study was to assess the impact of machine translation systems on the translation process, focusing on translation errors and other language problems.

Three standard clauses in the contracts were selected as general and three clauses typical of copyright agreements. A very high degree of wording and the repeatability of whole sentences are characteristic of typical contractual clauses. The other clauses, the copyright clauses, are characterized by a low degree of convention, as only certain phrases can be considered common characteristics. The clauses analysed are authentic clauses of the English and Polish contracts, and the following conclusions are based on the practical use of machine translation systems, i.e. Google Translate, for translation. The analysis shows that certain characteristics and conventional phrases, called “easily translated” phrases or phrases, can be listed, and on the other hand, errors and errors in language that occur in less conventional clauses. The termination of the Polish contract may be done according to the specific conditions set out in the agreement if one or both parties violate their contractual obligations or if other complications occur that make it impossible to continue the contract.