Wonde Data Handling Agreement

The Data Protection Commissioner (DPD) is responsible for ensuring that appropriate procedures and policies are in place to properly maintain and maintain personal data, given the breadth of data collected, the speed at which it could change, and other relevant factors. Personal data must be kept in such a way that the person concerned can only be identified to the extent necessary for processing. Personal data must be accurate and updated to be deleted or corrected without delay, Wonde Ltd. ensures that those affected can exercise these rights: [A20] Wonde Ltd. will demonstrate compliance with data protection principles by implementing privacy policies, complying with codes of conduct, implementing technical and organisational measures and applying techniques such as data protection by design. DPIAs, injury notification procedures and emergency response plans. The period during which personal data is kept Wonde Ltd is aware of all the risks associated with processing certain types of personal data. Wonde Ltd may retain data for long periods of time if personal data is treated exclusively for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes, subject to the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the rights and freedoms of the individual concerned. Management and all executives or supervisors throughout Wonde Ltd are responsible for developing and promoting good information processing practices within Wonde Ltd; Responsibilities are defined in individual job descriptions. This agreement records the conditions under which eSchools processes school data for the purpose of providing their services to the school. As part of its RGPD compliance project, Wonde Ltd has implemented a data collection and data flow process as part of its approach to risk and opportunity management. Wonde Ltd`s inventory and data flow are defined: Transparent – the RGPD contains rules for disclosing data protection information to affected individuals in Articles 12, 13 and 14.

These are detailed and specific and emphasize the readability and accessibility of data protection information. The information must be communicated to the person concerned in an understandable form, in clear and clear language. All personal data should only be accessible to those who need to use it. All personal data must be processed and stored with maximum security: 2.10 After at least 7 days before notification, the subcontractor authorizes persons authorized by the customer to enter all premises where personal data provided by the Customer to the subcontractor is entered and to verify the subcontractor`s facilities, equipment, documents and electronic data related to the processing of personal data. The termination obligation does not apply if the client believes that the subcontractor is in breach of any of its obligations under this contract. Personal data must be treated legally, fairly and transparently – identify a legal basis before you can process personal data. These conditions are often referred to as “treatment conditions,” for example. B consent. Individuals have the right to complain to Wonde Ltd about the handling of their personal data, the processing of a request from a person concerned and complaints from a person concerned about the handling of complaints.