Ben And Jerry`s Franchise Agreement

Franchise Description: Ben & Jerry`s Franchising, Inc. is the franchisee. Ben & Jerry`s ice cream parlors offer a menu with ice cream, ice milk, sorbet, frozen yogurt, frozen desserts, frozen desserts, toppings, sweets, novelties, fountain drinks and other dishes and drinks. The franchisor offers franchises for Scoop shops and satellite shops. However, Ben & Jerry stores can vary in size, range of products offered, design and layout, depending on a variety of other factors. The most common types of Scoop-Shops are independent buildings, online units and kiosks closed in themselves. In limited markets and opportunities, the franchisee may offer a Scoop store franchisee who is not late and meets the criteria the opportunity to operate additional sites to operate a Ben & Jerry`s Shops “satellite”. A satellite business cannot be operated independently of a primary franchise site. Commitments and restrictions: during the term of the franchise, unless authorized in writing by the franchisor, franchisees must devote their “full-time and best efforts” to the management and operation of the shop, which consists of at least 40 hours per week with some additional availability, in order to deal with problems that arise outside normal business hours and that, according to them, must be addressed. Franchisees may hire one or more fully trained managers who have completed scoop U training to help them operate the store, as long as they retain their full-time role as operators of their store.

Either the franchisees or their fully trained manager, who has completed the Scoop U training to the satisfaction of the franchisee, must at all times ensure the supervision of the shop. When franchisees are a capital company, partnership or limited liability company, they must have a person who benefits from at least 20% of the entity that is the franchisee, who devotes his efforts full-time and best efforts to the management and operation of the shop. Franchisees may not use their store premises for other purposes or activities not provided for in the franchise agreement without first obtaining the written consent of the franchisee. Franchisees must keep the store open and in normal operation for the minimum hours and days required for their rental agreement (or, if the rental agreement does not indicate minimum hours and days, the minimum hours and days that the franchisee may indicate in writing in the manual or elsewhere). Franchisees may only sell products expressly approved in writing by the franchisee and conforming to its current standards, as defined in the manual or in writing. Franchisees may not sell other types of services or products without the prior written consent of the franchisee. For franchises, All`s Fair in Food & Politics As November 6 approaches, some food franchises are packing american choice into their marketing. Ben & Jerry`s, which sells its iconic ice cream on grocery stores and scoop franchise stores, this month continued its history of political activism by announcing a new package of special edition peppers. Financial assistance: the franchisee does not offer direct or indirect financing.

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