Tv Agreement

Bectu worked on the negotiation of a series of collective agreements broadly covering film, television and theatre workers. We also encourage agreements that guarantee best practices, such as APA, and that implement a series of professional rating programs that can be found below: this agreement goes beyond the expiration of your agreement. Therefore, if you sign a two-year contract with a one-year non-competition clause, you will only be able to work for a competitor after the third year. The members` referendum on the new agreement will be organised by online voting and ballot papers on request will be available in paper form. Voting members will receive an orientation postcard sent on or around July 1. Ratification votes that will be received before the close of the 5.m P.m TDP vote on July 22 (electronically or by post) will be tabular on the same day. Briefings are scheduled from the week of July 6 for members across the country to discuss the interim agreement. .