Business Centre Agreement

Me and my partner had been thinking for a few months about the transition from home to office work. We finally decided it was time to take the plunge and looked at four options in and around Exeter. At first, we felt that the Matford Business Centre was by far the best option and we were not disappointed. d. No right of rental, leave, license or other protected right allowing the customer or his staff to use these premises or any part thereof is created or contemplated or sought by these gifts and the parties may not invoke an oral modification of the provisions. The amendment, if any of these agreements are valid, binding or enforceable for the parties, unless they are duly recorded in writing in the form of an addendum signed by both parties. 26.C is the end of your agreement. All optional services described as business and pay-as-you-use services are subject to the availability of our center staff at the time of a service request. We will endeavor to process a service request as often as possible, but we are not responsible for delays. If, in our opinion, we decide that a request for a given service is excessive, we reserve the right to levy an additional fee at our usual published rates, based on the time required to complete the service..

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