What Is The Purpose Of Codeshare Agreement

Suppose United Airlines offers a flight with its own flight number and sells tickets for it. However, the actual trip is operated by Delta Air Lines. The two airlines must reach a commercial agreement to this end, ensuring revenue without having to spend money on marketing to its customers. And United Airlines sells tickets to customers, businesses and travel agencies without providing flight logistics. They usually share the benefits of this flight. The easiest way to determine if 2 airlines have an interline agreement is to use ExpertFlyer. A codeshare agreement, also known as codeshare, is a commercial agreement in which 2 or more airlines publish and market the same flight under their own airline designation and flight number as part of their published flight plan or schedule. Simply put, you can earn Japan Airlines miles with Alaska Airlines, China Eastern, Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines, Korean Air, and other non-alliance partners by booking the right codeshare flights. There are also codeshare agreements between airlines and railways, officially known as air-rail alliances, often marketed as “Rail & Fly” due to the popularity of Deutsche Bahn`s codeshare with many airlines. [5] They imply a certain integration of the two modes of transport, e.B.

in the search for the fastest connection and the possibility of transfer between the plane and the train with a single ticket. This allows passengers to book an entire trip in one go, often at a discounted price compared to separate tickets. This flight is marked as American Airlines Flight “AA125”. What you will notice is that long-haul flights are very rarely marked with 4 digits. Typically, it`s 1 or 2 digits or at most 3. If you find the format “XX1234” on an international flight, you are most likely on a codeshare flight. Bottom Bottom: Earning miles on codeshare flights is still possible. However, you can only earn miles on certain codeshare flights that use the same airline code as the airline for which you want to earn miles. However, if you already have a flight to a European hub like London Heathrow, you can sign agreements with another airline like British Airways to offer your customers connecting flights instead of stopping at London Heathrow. Airlines have codeshare agreements because they want to be able to transport their customers to more destinations without having to buy more planes, hire more flight attendants, and pay more airport fees. Therefore, airlines are participating in partnerships to facilitate this agreement.

If you know your flight is a codeshare flight, you should know who the operating airline is as soon as possible. If you are travelling in Business Class or First Class, you will undoubtedly find a different product than the one you booked at the beginning. Most major airlines today have codeshare partnerships with other airlines, and codeshare is a key feature of large airline alliances. As a general rule, codeshare agreements are also part of commercial agreements between airlines of the same airline alliances. Bottom Line: Flying on codeshare flights can allow travelers with the elite status of the marketing airline to enjoy benefits on the operating airline`s flight. These include fantastic benefits such as priority baggage handling, priority boarding, lounge access, extra baggage allowance, and even expedited security. .